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23:29 – Situation in Ukraine


21:48 – One person wounded by Berkut rubber shots (confirmed).

21:44 – It will be another hard night on Euromaidan


15:19 – 42 journalists injured on job informed by

15:07 – Head of Volyn Oblast, Vladimir Voytovych resigned

14:01 – A member of the Lviv unit of the elite Berkut riot police force has resigned.  (Unconfirmed)

13:04 – Solidarity with Ukraine in Lublin, a city in east Poland.


12:22 – Catherine Ashton will be in Kyiv next Thursday and Friday.

11:43 – Another use of violence by Berkut

11:20 – informed that Lutsk governor, Borys Klymchuk is refused to resign by Euromaidan protestors.

10:57 – Alarming tweet from Olga Tokariuk

10:37 – Local media informed about the Emuromaidan are storming of Chernivtsi government building in western Ukraine.

09;50 – Another great photos from Euromaidan by Ilya Varlamov

09:21 – Resolution of stop bloodshed in Ukraine adopted by acclamation of the Polish Parliament. It is the possibility of sanctions.

09:09 – Krzysztof Bukowski (Open Dialog): “In my opinion Oppositions meet with President toady once again. People at the Euromaidan want to peace talks”

09:02 – In spite of tension situation at the Euromaidan, there are also place for jokes

08:08 –  New barricades was building during the last night at the Euromaidan

08:03 – Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland is going to Ukraine to talk with Oppositions and Government

07:50 – Welcome back, after a short night we are back live now.

00:36 – People in London, UK support Euromaidan


00:18 -” If you understood your decision about stop negotiation with President it would be too late. We will be in jail, all of us” said Oleh Tiahnybok to people at the Euromaidan

00:11 – Photo from Cherkasy, a city in Central Ukraine




Resume 23.01.2014

• Second round of talks between Oppositions and president didn’t bring a solution

Lviv government and other are under control of the opposition

• Kidnapped activist Yuriy Verbytsky found dead.

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I’ve decided to start this blog because a lot of my friends are Ukrainian and I think that it is my  duty to inform about the incidents which were take place in Kiev.