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14:50 – Ukraine’s president Yanukovych accepts PM Azarov’s resignation

11:51 – Ukrainian parliament goes on break until 4PM Kyiv time, the next vote will be about amnesty law

11:39 – Ukrainian parliament cancels anti-protest laws. The crowd on the Independent square cheers in response.

09:23 – BREAKING NEWS: Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov resigns



01:27 – Opposition warns of attempts at storming the barricades.

01:16 – Police don’t want to leave Ukrainian House because opposite want to they show their face and dump masks. Two ambulances arrive near entire to building.

00:17 – Corridor is ready for special troops which would leave Ukrainian House.


00:04 – Leader of Euromaidan defence force, Andriy Parubiy has gone to Ukrainian House storming.


The third day of our live blog.

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Resume 23.01.2014

• Second round of talks between Oppositions and president didn’t bring a solution

Lviv government and other are under control of the opposition

• Kidnapped activist Yuriy Verbytsky found dead.

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