Resume 23.01.2014

• Second round of talks between Oppositions and president didn’t bring a solution

Lviv government and other are under control of the opposition

• Kidnapped activist Yuriy Verbytsky found dead.

23:57 – People at the Euromaidan have voted to stop negotiations with the government. It could bring a escalate of violence.

22:25 – After the speech of opposition leaders people are shouting “Shame”

22:16 – Opposition leaders at Hrushevskoho try to talk people into stopping the violence, to prolong truce until Saturday. People are shouting “provocateur” and “revolution”

21:50 – Today’s peace talks are over. We’re waiting on details any minute. Tires on fire again.

20:28 – US threatens sanctions against Ukraine

20:23 – Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Khmelnitsk oblasts have adminstrations occupied. Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhytomyr, Cherkasy – under siege.

18:15 – Euromaidan’s doctor confirmed death of 5 people

16:30 – Berkut [riot police] beats up 20 medical volunteers helping the wounded – all story.

16:21 – Great photo by Yulia Bragina from SkyNews

16:15 – Another bad news

16:00 – Negotiations between Opposition and Viktor Yanukovych will start at 5.30 pm (UTC/GMT +2 hours)

15:46 – Special Interior Ministry troops torturing and humiliating a Euromaidan activist in Kyiv’s Pechersk region.

15:32 – Protesters broke in into office of Ivano-Frankivsk governor, in western Ukraine

15:24 – Two more Automaidan activists found in Oboloskiy police department.

15:20 – Rally of solidarity of Euromaidan in Georgia

15:17 – Unconfirmed rumours that 20 killed Euromaidan protesters were discovered in Kiev

15:05 – This photo looks like from movie or games. And good question by Nicholas J. Croce

14:56 – Rivne and Lviv area councils (non-violently) overtaken by Euromaidan protesters, reports of Zhytomyr doing the same.

14:44 – Kidnapped activist Yuriy Verbytsky found dead.

14:22 – Lviv Regional Rada occupied by protesters, Oleh Salo resigns.

14:18 – Unconfirmed reports that Euromaidan took over another goverment’s head quaters in western city of Rivne

14:10 One of the great photo from Serge Frolovich

13:41 – Olga Tokariuk informed on Twitter about delay of second round of talks between goverment and opposition

13:38 – Berkut have tortured and raped a 17 years old boy with a knife – more info here

13:35 – Supplies and people continue to arrive  to Euromaidan , barricades grow, food prepared by 1000’s of volunteers infomred by PR News

13:30 – Mikhail Gorbachev suggests to Vladmir Putin and Barack Obama to mediate in Ukraine.


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